Become Level 1 Certified by Taking the Quiz

Become a #CertifiedFlipper and by taking the Level 1 Quiz after watching the 'Building Blocks - Level 1' video playlist above. By passing the on-line quiz, you will receive an FTA Level 1 Certificate, access to more education & be prepared to move onto Level 2, which unlocks discounts and brand opportunities.

Only $20. for a limited time!

Become Level 2 Certified by Taking the Level 2 Quiz

After successfully completing your Level 1 Quiz, you are now ready to move onto the next Level. 

Please watch ALL of the videos in the 'Basic Flips - Level 2' playlist above then take our Quiz below.

By passing the quiz, you will receive an FTA Level 2 Certificate that indicates you are looking for a career in flipping. Upon successful completion of Level 2 you will be put into a database of expert flippers & the FTA will be able to promote you for upcoming projects and opportunities. 

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Become Level 3 Certified for FTA Coaches

By completing Level 3 you can gain exclusive access to special promotions only available to certified FTA coaches. You will be given exclusive access to resources specially created for certified FTA Freestyle programs.

By passing the on-line quiz, you will receive an FTA Level 3 Certificate and you can then begin the process of learning to coach Freestyle classes in your park or gym. Each park may require additional certifications but this will give you a good head start to work with beginner classes.  You will then be able to create the program in your own way with the FTA there to guide you and support you. This certification is there to add to your previous education or certifications through other organizations. 

In order to progress to Level 4 you will need to have complete all 3 Levels and will have to schedule a 3 day training program at your park or gym with us. 


Please watch ALL of the videos in the Level 3 'Advanced Skills - Learn to Flip' playlist BELOW, download the Quiz and the resource manual, 'Coaching Creatures;Unsolved Circuits'   by Greg Roe, which will help you to complete the test successfully.

Only $50. for a limited time!

Step 1: Download Coaching Creatures & Watch Learn to Flip Playlist Below

Step 2: Download Level 3 Test, Print, Complete, Save....

Step 3: Upload your completed Level 3 Test for evaluation (payment will be taken when you upload test*)

* To become FTA Level 4 FTA Certified please contact us for practical training *
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