GRT x Grav Merchandise

We are sad to announce the popular flipping brand, Gravitated Equations, is no longer taking orders, but we will continue to supply the freestyle community with great new merchandise, designed by YOU for YOU!  Our popular #GRTCrew  merch will be redesigned for 2020 and our members will be notified by email when this becomes available for purchase! 
We would like to thank everyone at GRAV for their years of dedication to the sport of GTramp,  flipping and the Freestyle community. 
We have partnered with the popular eyewear brand, Baendit, to bring you an innovative product for the Freestyle flipping community.  These unique bendable sunglasses stay on when you flip! 



D. B. Cooper is a media epithet used to refer to an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the airspace of Washington, on November 24, 1971, extorted $200,000 in ransom and parachuted to an uncertain fate. The perpetrator has never been located or identified. BÆNDIT in this aerodynamic technical sport shape celebrates the pure thrill of speed.

Click on an image below to order from Baendit's on-line store and receive
15% off your purchase when you enter the passcode ~ 'GRT'

Baendit Eyewear

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