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No Sitting During Training!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Training Log #3

Yes, that includes you coaches! Training Log #2 tells us that if the brain is not warmed up along with the body, performance will be overall lower. Being an athlete myself, I know this is the case and that also when I sit down, I start thinking about other things besides training. This is why NO ONE was allowed to sit during training when I was younger. I have always told athletes they can’t sit during training as it overall relaxes the body by physically turning off muscles while sitting.

I remember one time during my young gymnastics career, I was sitting at the rope climb area, clearly not doing mine, when my coach yelled over, “Greg WHAT are you doing?!” I quickly replied.... “Nothing!” “Exactly,” he replied, then doubled my rope climbs. It literally took me 3 hours to do ALL of the rope climbs he gave me and until I was done at least 40 of them I was not allowed to go back to training. I always remembered that day and it brings a smile to my face even though at the time, the last thing I wanted to do was smile.

As we are now into the 2022 season, I highly encourage you to not sit during training. Do NOT even sit when getting your grips on. When you are at training, you are always “ON.” Coaches, of course, should also set an example and stay on their feet for the entire training, which I still do to this day but which I do not see enough of. I would train for 4-5 hours when I did gymnastics and when I trained trampoline, I would only have to train for 2 hours. It should not be hard to stand for 2-5 hours.

Another reason to not sit is your cardio is always the start of every 'periodization' program and by focusing on cardio, you can increase your recovery time for all trainings in the future. Volume of Oxygen or “V02” is the measurement basically of how efficiently your body can utilize oxygen. The higher the number, the quicker you can recover as well. The sedentary person would have a V02 of 45ml/kg/min. At my peak I had a V02 of 64ml/kg/min which is about the same as Pro Soccer players. Some V02 have been recorded as high as 97ml/kg/min who are masters of triathlons and cross-country athletes. The interesting note is that I had the highest V02 on Team Canada and also stood up at training the entire time, while they did not, so I was improving at a faster rate than any of them, as anyone who was there would know.

I do strongly believe a NO SITTING policy during training makes a HUGE difference in the long term for mental awareness but also cardiovascular recovery. Both go hand-in-hand so keep this in mind.


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