GRT Training Program Level 1


This playlist of videos is your starting position and you can choose to stop here or cointinue on to Level 2, however, if you prefer, you can purchase either Level 2 or 3, which both contain this Level of skills; from learning to bounce up to preparations for learning to flip.  There are just over 25 videos to study and learn from so this playlist is perfect for the Beginner.  


You will notice that our introduction video discusses how we will go through all of the psychology and biology required to have a full understanding of my training method, but in this introductory pathway we will simply stick to the building blocks. This first “pathway” is a basic overview of the basic building blocks of trampoline skills and is meant for those who want to start building but do not want to get into the biological or psychological aspects yet. It is great for younger athletes who just want to get started.


All skills are built up ‘Degree-By-Degree’ and once you understand that all skills use the exact same building blocks then you will understand the GRT Approach to trampoline. This approach is meant to take complex mathematical and biological concepts around motor learning, athletic development and biomechanics, and simplify it so that anyone can understand how easy learning acrobatics is if you can understand the underlying simplicity to it.

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    This is an HTML file, sent to you by email for download. The file has links to videos on our YouTube private playlist so you can watch along as you read through each skill, either on your computer, smartphone or tablet, at your convenience. 

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    We always advise using a coach while training on trampoline and encourage you to seek out help as you progress.  This progarm is meant as a general guide and in no way encompasses all the steps you could possibly take with a coach. By downloading this program, which is proprietary to the GRT Network, you agree to not reproduce, copy, distributte or share any of the videos or written materials in any format, without prior written consent. 

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    By downloading this book you agree it is proprietary to Greg Roe and the GRT Network Inc. and agree to not share, reproduce, distribute or copy any of the contents without express written authorization from the author.  

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