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GTGamesUS VIP Spectator

The GTGamesUS presented by GRT, is a celebration of the best GTramp athletes in North America. A maximum of 50 athletes will be invited to compete in a friendly competition you can purchase your VIP ticket here to spectate the Games and join the fun meetup on Friday night.

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GTGamesUS VIP Spectator
GTGamesUS VIP Spectator

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About The Event

The GTGames will return to California for the third time to showcase the "best of the best" and the new upcoming talent in the #GTramp, or Garden Trampoline community. Still a movement in its infancy it has steadily grown with the explosion of trampoline parks opening up in many cities around the globe. Entries are by invitation only based on video submissions with the hashtag #GTGames2019. Spectating over the weekend is FREE for fans and families.


The following is a breakdown of the “competition” system of the GTGames presented by GRT. It is important to emphasize that this year’s GTGames are not focused on concrete analytical judging but an overall impression based on:

Difficulty - How many flips and twists the athlete accomplishes

Execution - The level of accuracy and precision the athlete is able to maintain during the skills. Is it safe and controlled?

Creativity - How unique are the athletes tricks compared to other athletes? Includes unique positions in the air and unique combinations.

It is important to note that this year the GTGamesUS will be based on creating more publicity around the event and increasing the safety awareness level. We have carefully chosen a wide range of athletes from the hashtag submissions to compete in both junior and senior age groups. We will also have new competition categories to also highlight the new upcoming #gtramp athletes, as well as those who are still considered the 'best' and the pioneers of the sport.

Juniors will be from age 11 to 13 and Seniors are from 14 and up. You must be 11 years old as of the competition date to be accepted.

We are creating a new awareness for the #GTramp community, not the actual determination of specific skill levels and quantifiable results comparing athletes. As the awareness grows different categories, styles of competition and opportunities will become available.

Athletes should be supportive of each other no matter what the competition outcome is. Although there is always a bit of controversy as to judging and scoring subjective movements, our judges have taken an oath to use their best discretion in an open and fair system and their acrobatic background to judge based on overall creativity, control/execution and degree of difficulty. This is why we have chosen judges within the freestyle and traditional communities that are well known for their integrity and knowledge. Acrobatic skills that seem dangerous or inconsistent and not ready for competition will not be allowed.

All athletes are encouraged to only showcase skills they are confident in and ask for help if need be. With many years of experience in the sport of trampoline, gymnastics, tricking and tumbling, our judges understand what is a true demonstration of skill and what is simply “chucking it.” Judges have the right to stop athletes from performing skills that are dangerous. At first the athlete will be asked nicely to pick another skill, or do a few more sets if any of the judges deem athletes to be jumping dangerously. If the athlete gives undue attitude, disrespect or blatantly ignores the judge or organizer, they may be removed from the field for the entire event. This is a promotional event to inspire GTramp Athletes to take training seriously and to inspire education and safety for the community as a whole. Any dangerous bouncing will not be permitted.

Event Options

Below are a few options of events that we will host during the actual competition portion of the event. Not all athletes have to compete at each event.


• Athletes will be put into groups of no more than 6 and assigned to a trampoline. Depending on exact number of participants this may be modified

• A set time limit will be enforced to keep on schedule which will be determined at the event

• Athletes try to one-up each other in a friendly game of “who can match the trick” each time an athlete is unable to land the skill they receive a letter

• Each athlete will go in order to set the next round to ensure all athletes have a chance to set. The judge at your trampoline will keep everyone on track as well as record letters of all athletes.

• Combinations of no more than 4 skills will be allowed unless agreed upon by entire group on that trampoline

• Athletes must call ‘landed’ or ‘not landed’ prior to the new set skill and any other clarifications that are necessary such as positions, number of bounces etc.

• Skills deemed not landed means the athlete can land on their knees or back/rear-end 

• Double bouncing will NOT be allowed 

• Hands touching the trampoline do not count as landed 

• Athletes who accumulate all 5 letters of the word TRAMP are eliminated 

The last 2 athletes remaining from each trampoline group who have accumulated the least amount of letters moves onto the Finals on Sunday and compete for a top 3 finish in both Junior and Senior categories

2-Trick Spectacular

• Athletes demonstrate their best 2 or 3 skill combinations

• Athletes have to show their style, creativity and difficulty. Each component will be scored out of 10 for a total of 30. Each judge is scoring the overall impression of Difficulty, Execution and Creativity. All aspects are weighted equally. Athletes who only focus on one aspect will receive lower scores overall. Think of it as a penalty for only demonstrating one aspect.

• Greg Roe, the Host, has the option to give an additional 1.0 bonus score to any athlete given the case that the scores are tied or too close to call, based on showmanship and personality and crowd engagement demonstrated throughout the performance

• Athletes will be allowed if they choose to nominate one (1) athlete to double bounce them 

• A second ‘spotter’ will be on the trampoline to throw a mat if judges deem necessary 

• Athletes can have two attempts to land their combo

• Tricks that are deemed dangerous by the judges, Skybound or GRT will not be allowed. Athletes will be requested to change their trick or be eliminated 

• The top ten (10) contestants for junior and senior will move onto the Finals on Sunday and compete for a top 3 finish


  • GTGamesUS Meetup Ticket

    For anyone who did not get a chance to compete in this years Skybound GTGamesUS, you can purchase a ticket for the Friday bounce sesh & meetup at the Escondido Sports Center from 2 until 5 pm, an official GTGames T-Shirt and GRTCrew/ Grav stickers; followed by a pizza party! Come out and meet your favourite gtramper and wish them luck!! Spectating on Saturday & Sunday is FREE but you will NOT be allowed to bounce on those days. Tickets are limited to 25, so get yours soon.

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