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. . . Grow With Us & Become a Member Today!

We are looking for parents who are available and interested in supporting the FTA and the community by volunteering and joining our parent committee.  If you are interested please email us so we can send you more details. Thanks 

Enjoy Exclusive Member Benefits, Discounts on Event Tickets, Merch & Training Programs

Your Membership Includes:


• GRT Training Full On-line Program

• NEW Weekly Videos

• Access to Live Webinars

• Exclusive Video Content & Interviews

• Access to Members Only Pages

• FTA Resources & Books



• Submit Videos for a Shout-out

• Create Your Own Esports Team

• Be Included in an FTA Project

• Design & Sell Your Own Merch Line


• Weekly Challenges to Win Prizes

• Exclusive Discounts on Merch

• 25% OFF Event Tickets

• 15% OFF Freestyle Merch Store

• FREE Custom FTA T-Shirt

Grey Dollar Coin

Exclusive Challenge & Influencer Videos

Available Exclusively Only to our Members

A Wide Variety of Video Based Content

Members Receive Exclusive Content & Much More . . .

Members enjoy great resources & FTA support to build the community their way

Join the Fun!  The Freestyle Trampoline Community has grown exponentially across the world over the last few years with TV Networks, Influencers and new Brands joining in the fun.

By becoming an Official Member you will be able to work hand-in-hand with the FTA and our partners to develop unique training methods, become an FTA coach or official training facility anywhere in the world, or design your own merch line.

Your membership includes educational resources, exclusive video playlists, free and discounted FTA products and services, as well as, the opportunity for you and your facility to host live events like #GRTCrew Meet-ups.

Join the FTA Community today and discover the world of Freestyle Trampoline!

Coaches - CONTACT US! 


The FTA is now launching a coaching development program, so if you or your gym/trampoline facility would like to develop the freestyle community, you can take our comprehensive courses. 


For more information please CONTACT US.

The FTA is now providing a freestyle development program

Monthly or Yearly Membership Plans Available

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