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Many thanks to our partners at Caffeine TV for their efforts to broadcast our event to the world and for launching our first OTT TV Channel, Flipper TV on their action sports page! 


This is your resource for all flipping content from around the world.  

Have your videos featured & seen by millions of viewers worldwide across several platforms, earn revenue and be entered for a chance to win some prizes!

Sample video from two of our content creators, Evan & Johannes, showing  just one of the ways you can reach a wide audience with hundreds of thousands of views!

New for 2024 ~ Join Our Content Creator Team

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The FTA is proud to announce that Freestyle Trampoline is going Mainstream as of 2024 with international broadcasters, tv networks and media professionals all eagerly investing in the FTA to create our own TV channel that we are calling Flipper TV. Due to the expansive and rapid global growth of this online community the FTA has officially brought on international media partners that have developed the FTA Flipper TV channel and distribute select FTA content across millions of TVs and screens all over the world. 


The FTA has already started partnering with other event hosts, content creators and influencers to develop new original content and we are looking for new content creators! Do you want to be a content creator and get your videos seen all over the world? Become part of our Content Creator Program by contacting us and start your video journey now! 



  • SUBSCRIBE to our Channel Flipper TV on our partner network, Caffeine TV 


  • READ the materials that will be emailed to you

  • WAIT FOR ACCEPTANCE LETTER by email from Greg Roe

  • BEGIN FILMING & EDITING your content

  • UPLOAD to the FTA Content Creator Google Drive

  • PROMOTE YOUR VIDEO  once it is released and tag @ftaworldchampionships / #ftacontentcreator

  • SIT BACK & WATCH the views to see your video's reach 


“Submit Your Video NOW For A Chance To Earn Money” 

The FTA promises to promote your video on Flipper TV and if a brand likes your video you can earn between $10 - $100 per clip


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Revenue Share will become available to committed content creators who work with the FTA and develop professional High-Quality content!

  • International Exposure Dozens of TV Networks

  • Learn About Content Creation Unique Strategies

  • Exclusive Information About the TV Industry

  • Participate In Content Campaigns with the FTA & International Brands

  • Get paid to Produce Content on Flipper TV


Apply to be a Content Creator

Join Our Content Creator Team

Thanks for submitting!

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