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Rebound Therapy 

Welcome to the Rebound Therapy Introductory Online Course, part of the FTA's approach to athlete training with trampolines, made specifically for the special needs community. 

Rebound Therapy is used by many traditional trampoline and gymnastics facilities to help cater to a wider audience and to help give children with disabilities a place to learn safely despite their challenges. Trampoline parks endorse Rebound Therapy as well and the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) highly recommends this program to ALL of their parks around the world. 


The FTA proudly introduced trampoline-based training to a global audience in 2019. This innovative therapy proves to be particularly beneficial for the development and improvement of individuals on the autism spectrum, those facing learning or sensory challenges, as well as individuals dealing with cerebral palsy. The program aims to provide accessible and effective therapeutic opportunities, harnessing the unique benefits of trampoline-based activities for individuals with diverse needs.

"Click below to take the intro course for just $19.99 and receive 25% off the full training online program once you achieve 75% on our online Quiz. There are both written and video materials to give you a great overview of what Rebound Therapy is all about." - Paul Kaye, Rebound Therapy. 

Paul Kaye Rebound Therapy
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