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The FTA has partnered with a one of our World Champs athletes and a young entrepreneur, Loick from France, to help him achieve his goals of his new app for Freestyle Trampoline!

  • Find over 1,000 tricks to perform with 8 different starts, a beginner tricks category, and an original tricks section. Check off the tricks you perform as you go!

  • Game of TRAMP: Play up to 7 in the famous game but with the tricks you previously checked off!

  • Events calendar: Come find an event from our partner parks and brands in our events calendar!

  • Browse the interactive map to discover partner parks!

  • Find the shops of partner brands!

Freestyle book app icon


The FTA is proud to partner with a brand new Skills app called Freestyle Book created by French Flipper Loick Bossenie. Freestyle Book is a new app that shows you all the amazing freestyle trampoline skills that you can try and the FTA provides tutorials for the app so Flippers can learn Degree-By-Degree each of the skills in the app. Download for Android or iOS today!  


Receive 30% OFF FTA Events, Memberships, Merch & Training Programs through the APP!


Download Android:


Download iOS:


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Best Value




Support the Sport of Freestyle Trampoline

Valid for one year

FREE FTA Full Training Package ($99 value)

25% Off Select Event Tickets

FREE Custom FTA T-Shirt

Discounted Freestyle Merchandise

Access to Members Only Pages & FTA Resources

Submit Videos for a Shoutout

Behind the Scenes Footage of FTA Projects

Exclusive Video Content & Influencer Interviews

Live Streaming Access to Select Events

Best Value




Perfect for Any Action Sport Athlete

Valid for one year

Unlimited use of our online training program - 150+ videos

Learn to build your skills "Degree-By-Degree" a your pace

Biological & Psychological Platform for Coaches & Athletes

Basic Bounces to Triple Flips & Quad Twists

Learn To Get Past Your Fears

Strength & Conditioning

Anatomy | Physiology | Biomechanics

Complete Written Manual Included

SAQ & RPF: How to Measure Learning Success

Examples of Traditional & Freestyle Skills

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