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Digital Trampoline Program


The FIRST OFFICIAL online trampoline training program made specifically for athletes in all action sport

BMX • Skateboard • Snowboard • Scooter • Freeski • Gymnastics • Tumbling • Traditional Trampoline 

Weekly Training Tutorials

How To Do A Cat Twist
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The Freestyle Trampoline Association is known for successfully developing the first internationally recognized program with our Head Coach, Greg Roe. In this program, athletes teach themselves and each other with minimal guidance, learning from Greg's step-by-step online videos to help their progression.


The wide-spread success of this comprehensive new coaching method inspired the FTA to create a program that was not just for traditional and freestyle acrobatics, but for all action sports athletes who wish to truly take control over the way they progress in their sport. Athletes of all ages and abilities can learn from this online program at their own pace and will learn to self-govern their development.


You will see quickly that Greg Roe's unique 'Degree-By-Degree' approach to learning is so intuitive that you will quickly catch on to these repeating patterns and be able to apply them for any skill you learn in any sport. 

Greg Roe Trampoline

Meet Your Head Coach  |  Greg Roe

Greg Roe, founder of Greg Roe Trampoline (GRT Network Inc.) is a Canadian Trampolinist who is known in the acrobatic world for his insane stunts on social media, as well as his appearances on popular TV shows such as America's Got Talent.  Greg is also known for his unique coaching style that mixes complex acrobatic and physiological principals with fun and easy application process that everyone can follow.Greg has coached all over the world with many different action sports that all use his program including Ski Canada, Snowboard Germany, Nitro Circus and many more.


This program will be very beneficial to all ages of athletes who are trying to understand acrobatics and use trampoline training to further themselves in their sport. Please enjoy the FTA Membership as part of this package where new videos are uploaded from coaches and athletes all over the world. New videos from experts uploaded every week!

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