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The FTA began in 2017, based on popular demand from the athletes who are building this new Freestyle sport on their own.  In 2018, we partnered with Greg Roe of GRT Network Inc. to provide a series of training levels that allowed our community and members to train safely, in a step-by-step progression.  For a yearly membership fee the FTA also provides higher level skill progression tutorials for the more serious athlete who may be attempting to take their training to the next level.  You can our training program HERE

As well, we offer some tips on training safely in your backyard, local gym club or trampoline park.  We are always here to offer advice and reference materials.  Please feel free to contact us anytime! 


Coaches ~ Become Safe Sport Certified by clicking on the RESPECT IN SPORT logo below. 

The FTA is not here to tell athletes within the new Freestyle Trampoline community what they should do. We are simply observing what they already do and provide them with educational and marketing advice to help them build their sport in the safest way possible.  We are also actively encouraging them to take their training seriously and make sure they condition to improve strength and performance, which will ultimately help them reduce their risk of injuries.  It is commonly thought conditioning is necessary to do more flips but the reality is it helps you when you do inevitably fall down you will be stronger and will be more likely to 'get back up.'   The FTA repeatedly reminds everyone involved that their future is in their hands and we all need to work together to help to guide them. 


The FTA did not create the sport of trampoline, nor do we believe the way some young athletes learn is really the safest method. This is based on statistical analysis provided by our partners in the traditional trampoline industry. The FTA sees a need to attempt to educate these athletes by at least offering them another option that again, has a fair value trade, while teaching them the reality of the road they are going down. 


The FTA has done a great deal of research to understand how to inspire the new generation to learn and develop their training mechanisms that will lead to the most successful behaviour patterns. The works of great behaviouralists and psychologists have all contributed to help form the FTA’s stance on how to help inspire the youth to be safer, rather than simply tell them to change their behaviours. Many traditional forms of education and behaviour control are coercive and are therefore less effective which can be clearly seen today. 


The FTA is taking another approach to help guide these new athletes in the right direction that will allow them to at least be knowledgeable about the decisions they are making. The FTA’s perspective is to create a series of small local feeder system style events, to larger National events, in order to show them in a live environment that their training matters. We do this by allowing them to gather in a controlled environment to meet other flippers from around the world. 

The FTA is always looking for new safety measures and new ways to approach the athletes that will educate them and encourage them in a manner that they will actually understand. We hope they will take their training seriously and implement safety precautions at all times, whether at home or at their local trampoline park. The FTA understands that these Flippers may encourage other young athletes to try the skills they have built up over years of training and experience. We are not encouraging the Flippers to do anything they were not previously doing but we do want to ensure the originators of the sport that we are inspiring, mentoring and helping to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of young flippers and gtramp athletes.                                                                                                      


In this way, we continually look to companies who will support those athletes and mentor them, passing on their knowledge. The FTA, as a consultant, will continue to find ways to inspire the youth in a positive, safe and fun manner. The research shows that this is the safest and most successful path to build a proper platform for the growth of their way of flipping. The FTA is always looking for new ideas and ways of passing on this education so if you have ideas we are always open to suggestions.  

Here are some ways we are offering a value trade for the sport:


  • Live Events

  • GRT Network App of Educational Videos / Step-by-Step progressions

  • Throw Mat Safety

  • Coaching

  • New Competitive Model

  • Conditioning Programs  

  • Parent Involvement

  • Putting on a Show  

  • Event Rules

  • Athlete Organized Events

  • Acknowledging the Risk

The FTA is also making a firm stand on anti-bullying, especially on-line bullying, hate speech and offensive comments. with our mascot, @FreestyleFreddy_official and his #CreateDontHate campaign on social media.   We also do not condone drug use or alcohol at any of our events.  Any athlete showing signs of impairment will be removed from the event and potentially from the premises. 

Freestyle Freddy FTA mascot
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