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Stunt Jump
Action Sport Festival Activity

Located in the US, this complete 'Stunt Jump' set-up is OFFERED FOR SALE at a highly discounted price.  Perfect for your festival, this crowd pleasing action sports activity is a crowd favourite! 

Complete Turn-Key Set-up Includes:

  • 40' hydraulic platform trailer with platforms at 10', 26', 32'

  • 10m x 10m (33 x 33 ft) BigAirBag™ Revolution AirBag

  • 7mx7m BigAirBag Adventure Bag

  • 3 blowers and 3 back up blowers

  • 13m x 13m Chinese back-up airbag with blowers

  • Watchdog power alarms

  • Electric inflatable roller

  • 4 tablets for waiver signing

  • Prototype setup for photography including automatic sensors and laptops

  • Square register with stand, drawer and printer


Other equipment included for running events:

  • 30 foam mats for around the bags

  • 3 thick foam pads for the exits

  • pallet jack manual lift jack for unloading /loading airbag

  • 6 crowd control fences for roping of the bags

  • power washer for cleaning the bags

  • sandwich board signs for advertising and pricing

  • 10'x10' tent

  • tables - foldable stools

  • umbrellas for staff for sun and rain

  • cones, stakes, sledgehammer, crowbar & anemometer

  • water barrels for tying down on concrete

  • extension cords, tie downs and ball bungees

  • battery charger for trailer batteries

  • three 15 ft advertising flags

  • other tools and spares


Additional Business Materials Included:

  • wristband system for tracking sales and participants

  • approx. 100 Stunt Jump branded t-shirts for staff & sale

  •, instagram and facebook pages will be turned over to the new owner

  • manuals for training staff, participants, safety procedures, setup and take down.

  • 3 summer events in Oregon that gross over $10k each if you would like to take over the contract.


This setup, consisting of equipment valued at over $130,000, has been in use for a couple of years. The owner is currently asking only $84,000 for everything. Significant time has been invested in developing these different systems to ensure an exhilarating and exciting experience for most people, while also prioritizing safety.


The Stunt Jump

With over 25,000 jumps completed, we're proud to report no serious injuries or insurance claims.

Welcome to the BERG #GRTCrew Spotting Mat


The newly designed BERG x #GRTCrew Spotting Mat is Back!

The BERG x #GRTCrew Spotting Mat is specially developed for outdoor use. Practice new tricks and keep on developing your skills safely. By having your coach or training partner throw the mat under your jump at the right moment, a safer landing is guaranteed. The Spotting Mat has excellent cushioning. In collaboration with the GRTCrew and the Freestyle Trampoline Association, BERG has developed the Mat in two sizes;  Standard and XL. The Spotting Mat is suitable for jumpers of all ages.

Spotting Mat Standard

The BERG Standard size Spotting Mat has excellent cushioning, is weather-resistant and fast-drying. The Spotting Mat is easy to move using the custom hand grips and is light enough for younger athletes to handle. Dimensions: 140 x 80 x 10 cm.


Spotting Mat XL

Make the highest jumps even more safely! The BERG XL Spotting Mat has excellent cushioning, is also weather-resistant and fast-drying, so you don't have to worry if it accidentally gets left out in the rain. A larger mat, with a size of 175 x 100 x 15 cm the larger Spotting Mat is also easy to move using the custom hand grips. Perfect for older jumpers and coaches, this is one versatile Mat.  Used up all your energy during the jump session? No worries. The Spotting Mat XL is easy to transform into a chill-out lounge sofa with it's folding technology and velcro attachments, you and your friends can now chill out and relax while you reload your batteries again!

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