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About Freestyle Merch

It is not about just throwing crazy tricks, 
it's about being unique!

The #GRTCrew and the GTramp athletes who have embraced the sport of Freestyle Trampoline have come together to create a unique line of Premium quality merch for both training and everyday wear.  We are a group of young freestyle athletes who are proud to wear our community slogans & designs. We look forward to creating new designs with you! 

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"Inspired by our American Gtramp community, made by the athletes, for the athletes"


Inspired by the athletes. Made with the planet in mind.

We are an inclusive, optimistic and empowering brand that celebrates the individuality of our community and brand partners. Our purpose is to show the world that there’s REAL power in the optimism of youth.

We partnered with MerchCamp to bring you a large selection of high quality organic, sustainable & ecological fair wear clothing from a wide variety of brands.

Featuring #GRTCrew athletes & IRL friends:
@evanjrocha @jucrewsade  @_johannesluethi  @samyberchtel

#GRTCrew Grip Socks

Welcome to the toughest non-slip athletic socks on earth. The FTA has partnered with Specialty Athletics to bring you the best grip socks for your trampoline training.  Meet KODA.  Koda's are built as tough as the athletes who rely on them, the #GRTCrew. What makes them different? The secret is in the sauce. Your Koda socks have unparalleled grip and durability due to the ground breaking plastic polymer never before used in athletic apparel - applied at high temperatures for unparalleled adhesion. You move. They don't. Kodas act as a compression sock, staying in place while you defy physics. Get yours now, as we have a limited supply! ON SALE NOW

Our youngest #GRTCrew member, Iwan Velis from the Netherlands, shows off the GRT Grip Socks and how the safely help you 'stick' your landings.