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For 2024, we are making some exciting changes to the GTGames to bring the community a fresh new approach to the popular series that was created just 7 years go. 

GT Games Freestyle Trampoline Series
Europe's First Garden Trampoline Games ~ GTGamesEU 2018

Europe's First Garden Trampoline Games ~ GTGamesEU 2018

#freestyletrampoline This was the first time the garden trampoline (#Gtramp) community from Europe were invited to compete in the popular GTGames. A total of 54 athletes representing 12 different countries came together in Denmark for a friendly competition. Coined the "GTGamesEU," this was a groundbreaking event for the freestyle trampoline community on an International scale and was hosted at the most historic gymnastics school, Ollerup Gymnastik ( These athletes have been building their platform over the last year and we have recently received 11 million views at the X-Games demonstration in Norway. We have now also recently been featured in a great comprehensive article in the New York Times discussing this new "Sport" and community. Huge Thanks to Ollerup Gymnastics School for hosting this World's First European Event! Ollerup was founded in 1920 and the founder was responsible for making gymnastics into what it is today by inspiring the transition from Exercise based movements to power based movements such as Vault. They have approximately 200 athletes every week, from around the world, come to train at this premium historic school: =================================================== Skybound Trampolines has been supporting these athletes from the beginning and was one of the first to treat them as athletes: =================================================== North Trampolines joined the games this year to help these athletes and support their future: ================================================ - World's First Garden Trampoline International Competition In Europe ================================================== Shoutout to our other partners: Baendit Eyewear - Bendable Flipping Sunglasses: Getta Gripp Athletic Wax - To Help #grippYoflipp ================================================ Many thanks to our Videographers - Yendor Lambrechts @ylambo & Lex Felix @lexfelixnl For more Freestyle Trampoline Events Information please visit our website and subscribe to our Email List: ================================================== Follow Us On Social Media to see the news acrobatics trends around the world: Facebook: Instagram: Wikipedia: ================================================= For Business Inquiries: #trampoline #events #actionsports
North GTGamesEU 2019

North GTGamesEU 2019

The second annual North GTGamesEU, presented by Gravitated Equations and hosted by Ollerup Gymnastik School in Denmark and presented by Gravitated Equations. The #GTGamesEU2019 was another amazing event in our 3 event GTGames Series, with 78 athletes participating this year from all across Europe. The Garden Trampoline Games was created as a way to inspire kids that jump in their backyard to look at the trampoline as more of a sport than a toy. By doing this the FTA hopes to inspire more education around garden trampolines and trampoline parks. Current educational models are not effective with millennials as many studies show so we needed an experiential strategy to develop "self regulation skills" which psychologists claim are not trained by traditional educational models that follow the 'teach to test' method. For more information on the education process that we teach to parks and traditional gyms please click here. We have a free book about it and many videos: ================================================== North Trampolines has been a huge supporter of this educational model for the last several years and are one of the most popular garden trampoline manufacturers in Europe. They are having a discount offer now so get yours here: Right now we are doing a Free Merch giveaway! Click Here for a chance to win: ==================================================== Huge Thanks to Ollerup for hosting the event again. They are a traditional trampoline and gymnastics school. Their video will be released separately: ==================================================== For you crazy kids out there trying to learn flips on your own it is best to have at least a bit of guidance so go to a local gym and ask them to help you even once a week and check out our educational tutorials on the FTA website: ================================================= Many brands are starting to get involved with the Freestyle Athletes so contact us to hear about our content creation campaigns and strategies for parks, traditional gyms and brands outside of the acrobatic industry: