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Life As A Social Media Influencer

On this weeks episode of THE ROE SHOW, Greg Roe sits down with Dominique Lewis, better known as "Dom", aka @Domitrick.

'Uncle Dom,' as the #GTramp community calls him, to discuss what it is like to be a social media influencer, life on the road and the do's and don'ts of being a mentor to kids around the world . We also share some funny stories and laughs in this lighthearted podcast. Dom's early years started in Michigan as a kid playing around in the grass and on concrete, he steadily taught himself how to tumble, what is is known for today. What began as child's play would soon become a passion of his. Dom's story is just beginning. To date, he has been featured on some of the biggest media outlets: Fox Sports, The LAD Bible, People are Awesome, Bleacher Report, Sports Center, Barstool, NBC Sports, and World Star HipHop. He has also had the opportunity to represent the United States as a judge at Red Bull Kick It in Seoul, South Korea. Dom captivates the hearts of every one he meets and has been a judge at the #GTGames Series since its inception in 2017; attending all 3 events around the globe (US, EU & New Zealand).

NEXT WEEK: Former FIG President, Mr Hardy Fink, talks to me about the state of the gymnastics, trampoline and acrobatic sports in general as we look into the past and the future of what may become of trampoline.

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