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Night of the Jumps Freestyle Trampoline Show

The FTA Partners with Night of the Jumps to bring an exciting freestyle trampoline show to Munich.

For the first time, the FTA has showcased a fun & exciting freestyle trampoline show at a Freestyle Motocross (FMX) competition in Munich. Our athletes who attended did a fantastic job entertaining the sold out crowd of over 9,000, with their synchro flips, twists, and unique showmanship.

Athletes on the team are Milco Abrahams (Netherlands), Brin Leben (Slovenia), Luuk Swinkels (Netherlands) & Matti König (Germany). All of these athletes have competed themselves in the past in both traditional and freestyle trampoline. However, this is not the first time freestyle trampoline and FMX have joined forces. In 2015, FTA co-founder, Greg Roe, embarked on a similar tour, but with Nitro Circus, showcasing the new sport and Greg's impressive talents. This included him performing a quintuple front flip as the finale to his show, which had never been done in this type of environment before.

Night of the Jumps Freestyle Trampoline Show
Night of the Jumps Freestyle Trampoline Show

Watch the full show HERE.

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BACK HATand the FTA have also teamed up for an exciting collaboration during the Night of the Jumps competition in Munich. This partnership brings together a team of professional freestyle trampoline athletes known as "flippers" and the hat made to be worn “flipped” backwards. The "flippers" will showcase their skills by attempting backflips while sporting the BACK HAT.

“We are excited to partner with such an innovative and cool brand as BACK HAT™ and showcase what our athletes can do, while they entertain the audiences in Munich“ said Greg Roe, Co-Founder, Freestyle Trampoline Association.

“This show is going to be so crazy and I’m super stoked to show off our freestyle skills and how the BACK HAT literally sticks the landing, like I do, at Night of the Jumps in Munich,“ said Milco Abrahams, from the Netherlands; Team Leader & Freestyle Trampoline Athlete.

“What better partnership than with a group of elite athletes that refer to themselves as “flippers” and the hat made to be worn “flipped” backwards?” said Brian Albert, founder of BACK HAT LLC.

Many thanks to EUROTRAMP for their great trampolines.

PHOTOS BY: 📸 @joergmitter @sebastianmarko @nightofthejumps 


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