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Training Log


Over the next year we will be bringing you a WEEKLY Training Log in the form of a 1-page BLOG you can read on the go delivered to your EMAIL every Monday to help get your Brain Awake at the start of each week.

These blogs will outline different concepts and examples of Effective Coaching Strategies as well as Business Development. The FTA strongly encourages Athletes to think like Entrepreneurs and for Entrepreneurs to think like Athletes.

These concepts will contain (1) Factual Information with References, (2) Real-World Examples and (3) Thought Provoking Questions.

The FTA’s Head Coach, Greg Roe, will be our coach for the weekly Blog and has an extensive background in the Industry. Learn more about Greg here:

Throughout the following weeks we will explore the industry in a 3-Dimensional fashion and make observations and ask a lot of questions. We will be exploring the value of psychology in coaching and help coaches take a biological view of the industry. There is a lot of technical talk in the sport but not as much in the psychology. By doing this, coaches can see fun and unique perspectives and can add many fun psychological tools to their coaching tool kit!

Please contact the FTA for clarifications or questions about each weekly Training Log. These blogs are meant to be thought provoking and will in no way be able to show ALL the science behind a certain coaching technique or psychological strategy. Please contact the FTA to get specific references if you are interested to learn more about a specific subject.

Thank you to everyone who has provided valuable information to the FTA over the years that have helped us develop the Freestyle Community. Much of the structural components we have created for the community were directly or indirectly suggested to us by our supporters. Thank you to athletes, brands, parents, researchers and volunteers who have come together to provide a platform for the new-aged Flippers community.

~ The FTA Team


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