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Welcome to our Full GRT Approach Training Program! This complete Pathway will take you right from learning to bounce, all the way to Olympic level skills, in your trampoline career, as well as all acrobatics sports! You will never need another training program, once you dive into this comprehensive step-by-step approach with over 150 training videos.


This is the full GRT Approach to coaching! If you purchase this Training Program, you WILL NOT NEED TO PURCHASE LEVEL 1 or 2, as this program includes both of those levels. 


The photo samples here will who you a sample of some of the 100+ skills plus another 22 concepts including physiology, biology, dealing with fear and anatomy, all included in this 62 page book with accompanying videos. 


This full Pathway will go through the conceptualization and application process that was not discussed in the first Basic Building Blocks Pathway. It also goes through the rest of the common trampoline skills that all acrobats should be able to learn that are not outlined in the second Biological Building Blocks Pathway. This Full Pathway is meant for athletes who want to think about having a full career in Flipping or coaching and want to truly understand the conceptualization of acrobatic skills all the way up to Triples. I will cover basic biology, psychology and physiology so that we can really see the BIG PICTURE of what it means to be an acrobatic athlete and build your skills. We will go all the way up to the BIG TRICKS but you will see exactly how these big tricks will reuse the same building blocks that we will cover in the first few sections.

GRT Training Program ~ All Levels

  • We always advise using a coach while training on trampoline and encourage you to seek out help as you progress.  This progarm is meant as a general guide and in no way encompasses all the steps you could possibly take with a coach. By downloading this program, which is proprietary to the GRT Network, you agree to not reproduce, copy, distributte or share any of the videos or written materials in any format, without prior written consent. 

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