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Below are several references that go into more specific detail on the different aspects covered in the GRT training program. These should provide more information on the individual topics discussed. Not all information is not completely congruent of course, but the vast majority of ideas converge on the same principals. Please contact GRT if you wish o receive more references. - Brian Tracy On Sales - Child Development - The National Academies Press Kohlberg Stages Of Moral Development - B.F. Skinner - Beyond Freedom And Dignity - Konrad Lorenz - On Aggression - Big Five Personality Traits - Jordan Peterson - How Fast Are You Moving Through The Universe - Human Anatomy - Glycolysis - Fat Metabolism - Krebs Cycle - Electron Transport Chain - ATP PC System - Robert Sapolsky - Behavioural Biology - Evolutionary Biology - Scott Mcfall - Clinical Psychology - Jordan Peterson Fundamental Forces Of Nature - How The Earth Was Formed - How Life Started On Earth - Positive Reward In The Workplace - Positive reinforcement - Shaping Behaviours - Shaping Behaviour Review - Punishment Doesn’t Work - Future of Brain Science - Critique of Hungry Judge Effect - Washing Away Sins - Robert Axlerod  - Robert Axlerod Tournaments - Pan handling income - Gymnastics Injury rates - Gymnastics Injury prevention - Biomechanics Range Of Motions - Biomechanics Range Of Motions -Biomechanics Range Of Motions - Overview of Biomechanics Range Of Motions -UK Trampoline Park Standards - ASTM Financial Report 2017 (Page 20+) - Sociology of Risk In Sport - Flight Trampoline park Injury Report - Skyzone Sport Patent - Abu Ghraib Prison - Stanford Prisoners Experiment - Nose And Climate Evolution Nose evolution - Paralyzed people and quality of life - Snake Vision

file:///Users/patriciamcgeer/Downloads/BullatschoolJofChildPs1994.pdf - Dan Olweus Bullying Overview - Canadian Insurance Issue - Drug Abuse In Portugal - 1924 Safety Literature - What Is “Good Work?” - Porter Forces Three Axes Instability - Quantum Loop Gravity By Carlo Rovelli - Higgs Boson - Portugal Drug Study - Injuries In Gymnastics - Assertiveness Compared to Aggression - Hitler’s table Talk - Porter Forces - Canadian Sport Institute -Behavioural Approach To Coaching Gymnastics And Other Sports - Role of Monetary Policy - Milton Friedman Behavioural Strategy To Coaching 1980 -Basics Of Quantum Mechanics - Plato’s AlLego™ry Of The Cave -Frank Knight - Milton Friedman’s Mentor -Electromagnetism Overview -The Horse, Wheel and Language PDF - Informavors - Exploratory Circuits Depression Statistics - Time slows when falling - Parenting Psychology - Life After an orphanage - Tax Payment - Enrich Fromm Fear of Freedom Competitive Trampoline Injuries -   Trampoline garden safety - behavioural adaptation - peltzman effect - Seat Belt 1974 - Seat Belt 1974 Article 2 - Consumer Safety - Fatal Injuries statistics - Fatal Injury Statistics USA - Garden trampoline safety Injury Statistics  Guilt Studies  Holding softball study - ambiguous faces sex - Icy state is literally true.. - how you feel tells others how they should feel about you


Medical Professionals fear of suing: - Malpractice in Medicine stats  - Gymnastics Injuries - Gymnastics Injuries  - Workplace fatalities  - Australian  gymnastics safety - Gymnastics injury rates - Gymnastics Injury rates - Gymnastics Injury Rates - Gymnastics Injury Rates - cirque du Soleil injury rates - injury rates are high - Cult Culture Of Gymnastics - Cult of Little Girls - Quantum Loop Gravity PDF -Psychology of Religion - Doug McMillon  -John Deere  - Friedrich Nietzsche Beyond Good And Evil  -Friedrich Nietzsche Thus Spoke Zarathustra  -Friedrich Nietzsche Ecce Homo   -Walden - Henry David Thoreau  -Walden 2 B.F Skinner The Behaviour of Organisms - About Behaviourism - Wealth Of Nations - Adam Smith  - John Rawls - Theory Of Justice - Utilitarianism - John Stuart Mills - Leviathan - Thomas Hobbs - Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers - Robert Sapolsky - Human Behaviour and Biology - Robert Sapolsky - Critique of Post-Modernism - Basic Biology Textbook - Basic Psychology Textbook - Interpretation Of Dreams Sigmund Freud 1900 - Social Psychology - Sigmund Freud - Interpretation of Dreams Carl Jung - Man And His Symbols- Carl Jung - Jean Piaget On Children Psychology - Origin of Intelligence In Children - Jean Piaget

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