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Trampoline Parks - Intro

Trampoline Parks - Intro

Many thanks to Houbii Sports Academy in Jakarta, Indonesia, for allowing us to film their staff training sessions & for their continued support.

Our trampoline park training program has been designed over many years of practical experience by Trampolinist and former Team Canada member Greg Roe.
If you wish to have us visit your park for on-site training, we offer a 3 day package and a year long follow-up routine that works with your staff hand-in-hand to streamline your operations and help avoid unnecessary mistakes.  You will learn from our Team of professionals who travel the world and see how each park is unique, what it takes to keep your staff attentive and motivated and how you can differentiate yourself from competitors with the help of industry leaders who can give you an insiders perspective.  

For more information please CONTACT US

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