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New Training Program, Webinars & Podcasts

COMING SOON!! This month, the FTA will release it's new step-by-step training program with acrobatic specialist Greg Roe and the #GRTCrew.

Learn some of the basic building blocks to become a great trampoline athlete with the GRT Network playlist by Greg Roe, former Team Canada member, influencer, coach and freestyle specialist.

Each week there will be new videos uploaded, plus new tips and skill development ideas from Greg and other experts around the world. There will also be regularly scheduled webinars & podcasts where you can join live discussions and training sessions with Greg, see guest interviews, ask questions and suggest content for the next week's session.

The training program will be offered for just $9.99 per month by becoming a Freestyle MEMBER. As a member, you will have access to videos and tutorials, quizzes and special promotions, discounts off event tickets and will receive an official FTA TShirt.

More information will be coming out this week, so SUBSCRIBE to receive our regular email updates.

We hope you will join us on your acrobatic journey and learn to flip safely!


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