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The History of Gymnastics Education

With Hardy Fink

This week on our podcast series I interview Hardy Fink, the former Director of Education at the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG). He has created a world wide educational program used by many different federations and knows a few things about education. We discuss hand spotting athletes, pros and cons of new aged freestyle variations on sports and Hardy walks us through how the FIG's education system was developed over the years. We also talk about the new Freestyle Trampoline community and discuss his thoughts on the future of gymnastics and trampoline.

Hardy is the 2019 International Order of Merit recipient for Gymnastics and has a wide variety of roles in the sport of gymnastics; as an athlete, coach, administrator, judge, and educator. Hardy Fink has demonstrated a life-long commitment to the quality, development and growth of gymnastics around the world. Born in Canada on May 8, 1947, Hardy actually began gymnastics on his 16th birthday at the Hamilton Germania Gymnastics Club. At the young age of 21, Hardy became the youngest judge ever to earn an international judging brevet for men’s gymnastics. Over the last five decades, Hardy has judged at 35 Major International competitions, including eight Olympic Games, and 20 World Championships. After judging controversies at the 2004 Athens Olympics, the reliability of the existing judging system was brought into question. Hardy, who had long advocated for a more objective and effective tool for judging the sport, helped institute an open-ended code of points.

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NEXT WEEK: We interview US Professional Flyboard Athlete Damone Rippy, from Austin, Texas. Damone competed on Season 10 of America's Got Talent in 2015 and has won several World Championships, and placed second in the 2014 X Dubai Flyboard World Cup.

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