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Flip A Jet Ski with Freestyle World Champion Lee Stone

Introducing our first guest, 10-time World Champion Lee Stone as he explains the freestyle Jet Ski sport and how he flips and barrel rolls his way to the top.

THE ROE SHOW bring you a new Freestyle Action Sports Podcast Series by Greg Roe & Freestyle Freddy.

Our First Episode is with Lee Stone, 10x Freestyle Jet Ski World Champion:  

Season 1 will include sports such as:

Sky Surfing, Artistic Gymnastics, Parasurfing, Freestyle Trampoline, Freestyle Snowboarding, Freestyle Skiing, Wake Boarding, Olympic Trampoline, Extreme Pogo (X-Pogo), Ski Jumping, Cheerleading, Skydiving, BMX, Circus Arts, FMX, Red Bull Cliff Diving, Death Diving, Rally Racing, Equestrian Sports, Fly Boarding, Freestyle Jet Ski and MANY MORE!

We also will be discussing the business aspect of these sports with industry leaders, coaches and influencers who have seen the sports develop over their careers. We give an insiders perspective hoping both younger and older audiences can enjoy the learning process, with great real world experiences from the leaders of each of these industries. 

Topics Include:

• Social Media Growth

• Coaching Strategies In All Sports

• Millennial Athlete Development 

• Sport History 

• Sport Philosophy 


To learn more about the new Freestyle Trampoline community see our Website:

See Greg Roe's Freestyle Trampoline Skills In Action: 


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