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Welcome to the BERG #GRTjunior Mentorship Program

Presented by Trampoline Evolution & Freestyle Freddy

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The #GRTjunior Mentorship Program is our way of identifying dedicated future ‘Flippers’ and giving them a helping hand in developing their skills both in acrobatics but also in business. This Program takes a handful of aspiring Flippers and teams them up with one of our senior and more experienced #GRTCrew athletes, who have made it their own mission to help the next generation of Freestyle Flippers. 

Ian ~ @ianvanderpoel                 Legolas ~ @legolas.ralphen             


Colton ~ @flippincolt                   Manolito ~ @bboymanolito   


Truman ~ @hoopesflips              Luke ~

Iwan ~ @iwanvelis                       Kamden ~ @kamdenflipz_gt


Greg Roe - @gregroetrampoline - Canada


Greg is the official Head Coach of the FTA! He specializes in traditional trampoline, a former member of Team Canada, gtramp & freestyle trampoline, with his focus on educating & coaching kids to learn new skills step-by-step.  He will be overseeing the entire program and helping Freddy coach his buddy! 


Freestyle Freddy - @freestylefreddy_official

Birthpace Unknown - 2 Dog years - 14 Human years old


Freddy is the official mascot of the FTA! Freddy always has fun when he hosts events and gets to meet all the kids. He specializes in gtramp & freestyle trampoline, with his focus on educating kids to have fun and be safe … and SMILE!! 

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