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Embrace The Animal In You!

Training Log #7:

Do people really “know” who they are? We tell ourselves that we do! We also tell ourselves that 'who we are' is based on our personal experiences and on the feedback we receive from others through our interactions. Most of the time that bias is skewed towards ourselves. This skew is perfectly normal and psychologists tell us that without this skew, life can become very 'real' in a skewed way.

Most of the time, you want this bias to develop and be healthy. HOWEVER, I highly recommend that you leave that bias at the door and switch your brain into “Beast Mode” when training. When you are actually training, you are following a lot more of the biology and subconscious beliefs on the gym floor than you may realize. Don't look at training as a highly conscious and analytic endeavour.

Your consciousness overwrites your deep animal instincts, but during training, you want to tap into the brainstem a bit to keep you honest with yourself. Train yourself like you would train an animal because that is actually more conducive to success. It is those deep animal instincts that brought you into the gym in the first place. Every gym membership, medal or new skill you learn only has value to you because of those deep circuits you cover up with your conscious analytic ‘after thoughts.’

Recently, a group of researchers at Ben-Gurion University taught a fish to drive a car in a learning experiment.

There are thousands of examples of animal intelligence and recently researchers from the UK have even discovered that both crabs and octopus are “sentient” beings, just like us. So many behaviours we do come in many forms, but this does not mean the underlying behaviours are actually any different. Keep this in mind when training as we will come back to this many times over these training logs, so I wanted to at least plant the seed now.



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